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I/O Cards Provide 48 And 96 Channels For Industrial Control Apps

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Targeting industrial control applications, the SeaPORT PIO 48 and PIO 96 provide 48 and 96 channels, respectively, of buffered-drive digital I/O. On-board headers can connect to one, two or four industry-standard relay racks via 50-pin ribbon cables for PC-based control and automation of sensors, switches, satellite antenna control systems, video and audio studio equipment, and security control systems, and other IA systems. An optional terminal block is available for field applications .The cards can be used with any USB-equipped PC. The 48/96 channels consist of ports, each with eight user-configurable inputs. A control panel applet lets users select the status of the ports as inputs or output. Both cards come with Windows 98/ME/2000 drivers. The SeaPORT PIO 48 and PIO 96 are priced at $319 and $359 each, respectively. For further information, contact SEALEVEL SYSTEMS INC., Liberty, SC. (864) 843-4343.

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