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I/O Link For Cell Phones Boosts Contact Density

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EXCLUSIVE TO EEPN- To address the lack of available space in cellular handsets and other portable data appliances, a slim-profile, high-density I/O connector has been developed for reliable interconnections between cables and pc boards. The connector is a multiple-position, multi-purpose system designed to meet the growing demands for portable communication, medical equipment, and handheld data storage/transfer devices.The receptacle connector can incorporate from 14 to 24 signal contacts on 0.8-mm lead spacing, as well as a switching RF contact and two battery charging pads. Various keying configurations can be incorporated to customize the system to specific needs.The 1.1A fork-and-blade-style contacts leave more pc board space for other components. The receptacle is just 4 mm high and 7.1 mm deep from board edge to end of solder pads.

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