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I/O Module Handles Multiple Functions

I/O Module Handles Multiple Functions

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Embedded Systems Conference, April 2010 – For expanding the functionality of Pico-ITXe single board computers, the Model PICO-II8IDO4A multifunction I/O module features eight optically isolated inputs, four protected solid-state FET outputs capable of switching up to 3A each, and two 16-bit analog inputs. The two 16-bit analog inputs enable monitoring and control of a variety of system parameters such as temperature, voltage, and humidity. Occupying half the area of a PC/104 board, bus and power connections are built on the Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology (SUMIT) connector standardized by the Small Form Factors Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG). Single-unit price for the Model PICO-II8IDO4A is $295. ACCES I/O PRODUCTS INC., San Diego, CA. (800) 326-1649.


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