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Ionizer Blows Away Benchtop ESD Problems

The ZVI5000 is touted as a powerful, steady-state dc ionizer that blows large quantities of positive and negative ions into the atmosphere to safely neutralize static charges surrounding ESD-sensitive circuit boards, products and materials. In operation, the lightweight device delivers a gentle, 59 m3/h, flow of ionized air at a user-defined velocity ranging from 0.17 m/s to 0.35 m/s. This compact ionizer exploits a sealed, state-of-the-art, through-tunnel single-fan airflow design and an automatic ionization balancing system. The company claims to guarantee the unit's long-term stability and safety via a continual monitoring system, which optimizes system performance by providing automatic balancing of the unit's fan output to maintain ion equilibrium. The ZVI5000 is also equipped with zero-offset capabilities and field-programmable audible and visual balance alarms.

Company: METCAL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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