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IP Core Integrates High-End PCI Graphics Into FPGAs

TES Electronic Systems and Altera Corp. have combined to some up with an FPGA-based high-quality PCI graphics IP core for automotive and industrial applications. The TES Display Controller/Accelerated Vector Engine (D/AVE) PCI IP core allows systems designers to quickly integrate specific graphics functions, such as high-quality TFT pixel rendering, into all of Altera's low-cost Cyclone and high-end Stratix series FPGAs. D/AVE generates high-quality vector graphics with sub-pixel processing and extended anti-aliasing functionality. The IP core interfaces via the very popular PCI interface and provides an innovative rendering engine as the main component for flexible system integration at the hardware level.

Altera's programmable technology is being designed into advanced automotive and industrial applications, including driver assistance, infotainment, and gateways. In response to the exponential growth in the complexity of these systems, Altera and TES decided to offer this scalable graphics core IP to deliver a flexible, low-risk design path for reducing complexity and optimizing cost-efficiencies. Previously, designers were using microcontrollers with integrated graphics and dedicated graphics controllers for specific applications. This required separate system designs and resulted in longer development times. Applications for D/AVE include navigation, dashboard and on-system displays in the automotive, aviation, and industrial sectors.


The D/AVE graphics core is available immediately.


Contact the company for pricing information.


Visit www.tesbv.com.

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