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IR Evaluation Kits Link PCs And Peripherals Together

The task of designing Infrared wireless data communications interfaces is made easier with the firm's IrDA Control Peripheral Engine and its Host Control with USB Interface Evaluation kits. The SMA KLZ8519PEK Peripheral Engine Evaluation kit is a support tool to help designers develop IrDA-Control compliant peripheral devices. Included in the package are a PC-based evaluation board and sample software for enabling observation and capture of IrDA-Control infrared communication data packets. This tool may also be used as an engineering reference for the development of user peripheral device software. The KLZ85202 Host Evaluation Controller with USB I/F is a communications controller with USB interface that fully supports IrDA Control communication services. The kit makes it possible to implement an IrDA Control host device to which up to eight wireless peripherals, such as mice and keyboards in the PC environment, can be connected. Both kits are available for $99 each.


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