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IR Object Sensor Requires No Amplification

With a minimum phototransistor output current of 100 µA, the surface-mount OPB733TR infrared object sensor eliminates the need for external amplification of the output signal, thereby simplifying the drive circuitry. The sensor employs a lensed IR LED plus phototransistor elements to collimate the light beam, giving the device a detection range from 10 mm to 25.4 mm. Its IR LED specifies a typical peak emission wavelength of 890 nm and mounts alongside the NPN silicon phototransistor. The phototransistor output on-state collector current is 0.1 mA at a distance of 12.7 mm from the target and a 20-mA forward current and Vce of 5V. Rise and fall time for the phototransistor is typically 15 µs. The sensor features a molded dark epoxy package to minimize ambient light interferences and measures 7.62 mm x 4.06 mm with a board-mount profile of 2.89 mm. Typical pricing for the OPB733TR is $1.32 each/1,000. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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