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ISDN S Interface Hybrids Meet Safety Standards

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A range of ISDN S interface Hybrid components is available with worldwide safety certifications, making them suitable for use in all ISDN pc boards, routers and terminal equipment. The devices are also said to be the smallest in the industry.The components are complete ISDN line interface modules designed for installation between the transceiver and connector on a pc board. Safety certifications cover UL, IEC and EN standards. The APC14112E is approved for use with Siemens chips, APC14103E with Motorola silicon, and APC14105E with Lucent ICs. Each contains the circuitry needed between the S chip and the RJ45 connector. The hybrids include isolating transformers, common-mode chokes, overvoltage protection circuitry, and line-conditioning components. Package dimensions are 17.8 mm x 11.8 mm x 10 mm in SMT or through-hole versions.

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