Electronic Design

Java Environment Packs Total Software Package For JTAG-Based Testing

The company’s Java Board Test Environment consists of the free Eclipse development environment, using the latest Ganymede release, the latest JRE from Sun Microsystems, and the free JUnit testing framework. These are combined with the company’s API for JTAG and other accessory code and examples into a single development environment for board test. Examples are available to demonstrate how to write the tests, how to run them from within the environment, and how to generate a standalone test application. Test examples include scan chain examination, CPU control, reading-writing-testing memory and registers, testing system I/O, testing on board Flash memory, downloaded and executing native code, and others. Further information is available at http://www.javaboardtest.com. MACRAIGOR SYSTEMS LLC, Brookline Village, MA. (617) 739-8693.

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