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JPEG Frame Grabber Melds Several Functions On-Board

Model 617 integrates the functionality of a 16 x 4 video crosspoint switch, frame grabber, JPEG compression, and digital I/O onto a single PCI card. For interlaced NTSC, frame capture rate is 30 fps and for PAL, 25 fps. Four on-board decoders minimize channel-to-channel switching delays, and a text-overlay buffer accommodates annotation and uncompressed frames for external motion detection. A lower-cost version, the 617-4, with four inputs, four real-time outputs, and 16 digital I/O lines is also available. Model 617 JPEG frame grabber card with a software-development kit and drivers for Windows costs $891 each. SENSORAY, Tigard, OR. (503) 684-8005.


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