Electronic Design

Jumper And Rotary Switches Feature Gold Contacts

The Erg component line includes jumper switches, color-coded DIP switches (low-profile and card-edge models), and rotary-coded DIP switches. All parts are fully sealed and in-clude gold contacts. The Erg Jumper-Switch combines jumpers and a header in a single, integrated component, conserving pc-board space. It's designed as a fast drop-in replacement for conventional shunts used in many computer and telecom products that require code/setting selection by a pc-board header and a series of individual jumpers. The Jumper-Switch comes in a variety of electrical configurations with up to 16 poles. The Erg rotary-coded switches are designed for flow-soldering and solvent-cleaning processes. Available configurations include a low-profile design for screwdriver operation, a knurled knob version, and a larger model with color-coded knobs. Pricing for the Jumper-Switch models starts at $0.07 per position, and pricing for the the rotary switches starts at $2.00 each.

ITW Switches
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