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Jumper Assembly Outfits LED Strips

Jumper Assembly Outfits LED Strips

Groomed for use in LED lighting strips, lighting controls, and channel lettering, the company’s board-to-board, screw-down jumper assembly provides the electrical connection for adjacent printed circuit boards (PCBs) arranged in a string of LED PCBs. The featured screw fastens to threaded holes in an aluminum clad PCB base or into a separate aluminum heat sink used with FR4 boards. A two-position jumper fits onto a 16.5-mm wide PCB with features that maintain a 7-mm spacing between adjacent boards. Specifications include a current rating of 5A, operating temperature range from - 40°C to +105°C, a voltage rating of 250 VAC/ 250 VDC, and a 1.5 kVac dielectric withstanding voltage. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.
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