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Jumpers For PC Board Interconnects Resist High Temperatures

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Economical board-to-board interconnections that require reliability and high-temperature resistance are said to be provided by the 3M High Temp Jumpers. The jumpers are designed to be used in any through-hole, board-to-board connection, and especially where resistance to high temperatures is a critical factor. They can withstand automated manufacturing soldering temperatures and are said to be well-suited for use in audio and video systems, medical devices, avionics, ruggedized computers, automobiles, telecommunications equipment, military electronics, and consumer electronics.The jumpers are ready to insert on boards without additional labor, such as cutting, stripping and forming; and the jumper's FEP insulation can tolerate wave soldering without shrink-back or insulation damage. The devices can also reduce applied costs because the solid wires and the ability to maintain shape provide for easy insertion, precise alignment, and low failure rates. They are available in three configurations: straight, staggered and right angle.

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