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K6-Based Single Board Computer Carries Ethernet, Video And Industrial I/O

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Designed specifically for OEM control projects requiring fast processing, industrial I/O, flexible memory options, and designed-in reliability and longevity, the VSBC-6 is a feature-packed single-board computer with full EBX compliance that allows easy migration to newer boards or alternate sources. Enclosure or mounting changes are not required when migrating between EBX-compatible products. The board is fully compatible with most operating systems and many real-time OSs. On-board industrial I/O includes analog inputs, two RS-422/485 COM ports, 16 digital I/O lines, and three extra timer/counters. Other on-board I/O includes dual IDE, USB, CRT/flat panel interface, and 10-Mbit Ethernet. A high-speed PC/104-Plus site supports I/O expansion. Up to 128 MB of low-power system RAM is supported in a high-reliability latching DIMM socket.

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