Electronic Design

Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech MX 5000

Logitech’s MX 5000 wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination are almost as complex as the rest of the system (see the figure). It is tied to the PC via a USB dongle so you can even use it with a laptop.

The keyboard has more than just keys. On top there is an LCD display that works in conjunction with Windows-based software and special keys on the keyboard. You can manage multimedia files initiating playback and recording. You can even access Internet-based radio stations via the interface.

On the left side of the keyboard is a touch panel with volume and scroll sliders with no moving parts. There are also a number of function keys that can be programmed to provide services such as Bluetooth wireless synchronization of cell phones or PDAs.

The ergonomic design is very thin and light. The keys are designed so they are not sloped to minimize wrist extension. There is an optional wrist rest included in the box.

The wireless mouse has its own charging station and there is a series of green LEDs on the side so you can track battery power status. Both the keyboard and mouse have on/off switches in addition to automatic power down modes to extend battery life. The MX Laser Engine has a 800 dots/in. resolution and the on-mouse image processor operates at 5.8 Mpixels/s. There is a tilt wheel and additional thumb operated buttons. The latter can be used for scrolling or forward/backward browsing. The sculpted shape makes the mouse easy to hold.

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