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Keyboard Controller Integrates I/O, Docking, SFI And SPI Circuitry

Designed for use with full-featured notebook PCs, the LPC47N253 integrates the functionality of a Super I/O, a high performance 8051 microprocessor for keyboard control and system management, and a shared flash interface (SFI), all housed in a 256-pin BGA or LBGA package. The highly integrated notebook keyboard controller also offers a LPC PortSwitch interface and serial peripheral interface (SPI). The LPC PortSwitch interface is a hot-switchable, external LPC interface that supports the design of full-feature port replication and docking solutions. The SFI lets designers select the most economical flash memory—ISA flash, LPC flash, or a firmware hub—for their application. While the SPI supports communications with direct battery management solutions, as well as allowing the LPC47N253 to communicate with and control a variety of third party companion devices, including ADCs, DACs and EEPROMs. In addition, the chip’s embedded CMOS memory allows for the restricted-access storage of encrypted keys. Price of the chip in production quantities is $13.50 each. Samples are available. For more details, contact Gen Discount at STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS CORP., Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-6025.

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