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Keyboard Controller Streamlines Notebook PCs

Featuring a low pin count, the PC87591 keyboard controller combines a 16-bit CompactRISC processor with custom and standard peripherals, battery-saving features, and security-function support. In addition to typical keyboard-controller functions, the chip can secure a PC by using an on-chip random number generators for password protection, BIOS integrity checking, and memory protection. Idle current is less than 15 µA and active current consumption is 20 mA at 4 MHz and 30 mA at 20 MHz. Other features include 2 MB of address space, on-chip flash memory, and debug support via a JTAG interface. Available in 128- and 176-pin LQFPs, a PC87591 with 128 KB of flash, 4 KB of RAM, and RNG costs $15 each/1,000. For other configurations, call NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 721-2033.

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