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Keyboard Module Has Rugged Design

Intended for flight control, telecomm and system integration applications, this 19" keyboard module employs an ergonomic, space-saving design engineered for extreme physical durability and ruggedness. The module consists of a top cover, bottom cover, frame and keyboard. Assembly time is minimal, as there are no internal rails or sliders to pre-assemble. Only four flange-mounting screws are required to assemble the module into the cabinet. The module is powder-coated for corrosion resistance. The units are available in both light gray or black. Access to the keyboard is accomplished by push-releasing two spring-loaded latches, which allows the front panel to pivot out of the way completely. The keyboard is then extended out of the module and pivots down to a 5° slant for comfortable hand positioning. An extra large, 17-mm trackball is integrated into the keyboard.


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