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Kit Demonstrates Wireless Serial Link Implementation

The MDEV-00134 Telemetry Link Demonstration System illustrates basic methods for transferring serial data from a freestanding device to a PC’s serial port as outlined in the company’s application note AN-00134, “Using the Linx LC Series to Create a Simple Telemetry Link.” The system uses a PIC microcontroller to allow a remote acquisition board to communicate with a receiver designed for direct attachment to a PC’s RS-232 serial port. The kit includes two fully assembled boards, batteries, antennas and a software resource CD that contains reference code as well as a finished Visual Basic GUI. The software allows temperature, voltage and switch status from the remote transmitter board to be viewed on a PC. Pricing is $149. LINX TECHNOLOGIES INC., Grants Pass, OR. (541) 471-6256.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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