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Kit Offers Lead-Free Way Of Removing Chips From Boards

Designed to make removal of QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs and other SMT devices from pc boards quick, simple and safe, the Chip Quik Lead-Free SMD Removal Kit consists of 2.5' of lead-free removal alloy, 1 cc of no-clean tack flux, and 4 alcohol pads. To remove an SMT device, the kit’s rework flux is applied to all of the surface-mount device’s pins and then a low temperature soldering iron is used to melt the lead-free removal alloy onto the device’s solder joints. The alloy reacts with the solder to form a molten state, allowing the device to be easily removed using a vacuum pen. The removal operation is conducted at low temperatures (under 300°F). And In addition to eliminating the need for removal equipment, the Chip Quik kits are said to prevent damage to devices and to involve materials that are easy to clean-up. The kits cost $19 each, with the removal alloy also available in 4', 16' and 32' lengths. For more details, contact Mark Wilson at EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 982-0660, ext 241.


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