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Kit Speeds CE Development With PowerPC Processors

Designed to speed Windows CE-based device development on Embedded Planet's Blue Planet development platform for Motorola's PowerPC processors, the CE Xpress kit includes essential software components to enable developers of intelligent devices to instantly load and run Windows CE. The application includes production quality device drivers tailored to the on-chip and on-board capabilities of the Blue Planet platform. Among the functions designed to be enabled by the platform specific drivers and add-on drivers are: on-chip Ethernet, LCD video, serial and IrDA interfaces; on-board audio codes; proprietary IrDA keyboard and integrated trackball; shared SPI bus support; IDE/ATA driver for add on PCMCIA ATA flash card; NE2000 compatible Ethernet; and serial mouse. The new kit also has value-added features such as an audio in and an audio out driver, quality assurance testing, and support for Windows CE 3.0 and 2.12.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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