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Kits Ease OS Implementations

Designed to simplify operating system (OS) deployment on the company's single-board computers (SBCs), the OS Embedder kits accommodate Linux, QNX, DOS, Windows CE .NET, and XP Embedded. They are available for a range of hardware platforms from 586-based, 133-MHz boards to the mobile Pentium III at 933 MHz. EBX and PC/104 form factors are also available. The Linux kits include an optimized 2.4 Linux kernel pre-installed on compact flash. QNX kits provide a 30-day evaluation version of the OS on compact flash. For Windows users, kits include either or XPe. The CE .NET kits offer an evaluation version of Microsoft's development software with instructions for building a target image plus methods for transferring the image to compact flash. Windows XPe kits require downloading evaluation software from Microsoft's web site. Pricing for a basic kit with SBC starts at $995 each. For more details, call Byron James at OCTAGON SYSTEMS CORP., Westminster, CO. (303) 412-2009.


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