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Kits Help Rate 3V And 5V Preamps In Fiber–Optic Receiver Designs

These evaluation kits are designed to provide a sampling of the performance of the firm's integrated detector preamplifiers (IDPs) in fiber-optic receiver designs. With the kits, engineers can evaluate the company's 3V and 5V PIN-transimpedance amps and MSM-TIAs for 1300- and 850-nm Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications. The kits include an IDP that is mounted on an evaluation board that provides SMT connectors on the differential outputs. They also contain five samples without connectors, as well as an application note that describes how to achieve optimal performance of the IDPs within a receiver design. The IDPs are used in the front-end of fiber-optic receivers. Evaluation kits are available for all IDPs, including the AMT121302, AMT128502, and the AMT128503. The ATM121302 parts integrate a PIN diode photodetector and a TIA. The kits are priced from $399 to $499.


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