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Knock-Out Bottom Receptacles Include Organic Fiber Plug

Sporting protective organic fiber plugs, the company's three knock-out-bottom receptacles are discrete sockets for pc board soldering. After soldering, the organic fiber plug is knocked out of the receptacle when a device is plugged in. The #4015 employs a #30 contact, accepts connectors with pin diameters from 0.015" to 0.025", and is designed for through-hole mounting in a 0.057" ±0.003" PTH. With a #02 contact, the #9873 accepts pin diameters from 0.040" to 0.050" and is through-hole mounted in a 0.083" ±.003" PTH. In a through-hole mountable 0.077" ±0.003" PTH, the #0379 with a #34 contact handles devices with pin diameters from 0.032" to 0.046". Each socket has a brass housing with a press-fit BeCu, multi-finger contact. For more details, contact Robin Ritter at MILL-MAX MANUFACTURING CORP., Oyster Bay, NY. (516) 922-6000, ext. 211.


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