Kontron Acquires AP Labs Group

Eching, Germany: Through its U.S. subsidiary, Kontron has acquired 100% of U.S. company AP Labs Group, a U.S. Defense Department official accredited company based in San Diego, Calif. The group, which has two operating organizations, is a system integrator in defense and aerospace.

Since its inception in 1984, AP Labs Group has established itself as a producer of complex and robust computer systems, as well as specialized applications. Kontron anticipates that both new subsidiaries will produce annual revenue of $30 million. Kontron intends to integrate AP Labs with its North American headquarters, which is also based in San Diego.

“We are strengthening ourselves both regionally in the USA, and also in the area of high-margin complete solutions,” commented Kontron CEO Ulrich Gehrmann. “AP Labs’ complementary system product line also perfectly supplements our French subsidiary’s board product range in the security segment, which reports consistent growth and has historically been independent of business cycles.”

In 2008, Kontron acquired the former French company Thales Computers SA from Thales Group.

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