Electronic Design

Kontron Makes Modules

Kontron was showing off and talking about modules and single board computers. Its EPIC/PM (Fig. 1) now sports a 1.8-GHz Pentium M processor, while its ETX-CD module (Fig. 2) supports the 2-GHz Intel Core Duo processors.

The EPIC/PM will be found in the base of a PC/104 or PC/104plus stack. It uses Intel's 855GME chipset with on-chip Extreme Graphics. The board can handle up to 2 Gbytes of memory. It has four serial ports, size USB 2.0 ports, two 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces, and 8 GPIO pins. It also has on-board audio support.

The ETX-CD is designed for heavier computing and throughput requirements. Its on-board Intel Core Duo processor is mated with an Intel 945GM chipset with audio and video support. It can handle up to 2 Gbytes of memory. Interfaces include a PCI bus, a pair of SATA-II ports, two IDE with UDMA 66/100 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, and an Ethernet port. Pricing starts at $925. For more information, visit Kontron.

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