Kontron Offers To Buy French Thales Computer

MUNICH, GERMANY—Embedded computer systems company, Kontron, has made an undisclosed offer to acquire French Thales Computers SA. This company is 100% owned by the Thales Group.

The acquisition is subject to contract finalisation, to the consultation of Work Councils of Thales SA and Thales Computers SA, as well as to the agreement of French authorities.

Thales Computers SA is projected to have turned over more than \[EURO\]20 million in its 2007 financial year. The company’s forte is high-end applications, particularly in the government, aerospace, and transportation arenas.

Management board chairman of Kontron AG, Ulrich Gehrmann believes the acquisition would reinforce Kontron AG in its core business and would provide Kontron AG with a significant foothold in France. He added that it would also compensate Kontron for the sales volume relinquished with the disposal of its mobile computer business in America. This business unit generated sales of $25 million USD in 2006 and was sold in August 2007 to Crane, located in Stamford, Conn., USA.

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