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Lamps And Indicators

AlInGaP LED Lamps Are Suited For Demanding Outdoor Applications
The Super Bright AlInGaP LED lamps are designed for traffic signals and other demanding outdoor applications requiring brightness and durability. These devices provide clarity, efficiency, and a choice of wide or narrow view angles.

In order to meet specific application requirements, the lamps are available in yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and white. The typical intensity for the red, blue, green, and white versions is 3000 mcd. 5000 mcd is the typical intensity for the orange and yellow versions of the device.

Various configurations are available, including standard T-1, T-1 3/4, and surface-mount.

In 10,000-unit quantities, the Super Bright LED lamps cost $0.90 each.

Para Light Corp., 515 Spanish Ln., Unit B, Walnut, CA 91879; (877) 377-PARA;

Subminiature LED Assemblies Can Be Used In Limited Spaces
Miniaturized LED assemblies are suited for the space limitations of CompactPCI and VME card cage applications. These devices provide the small size and high-density footprint re-quired for such applications.

The LED assemblies are available in 2-mm tri- and quad-level styles as well as rectangular styles. A wide range of colors, voltages, and current draws are offered, including a 5-V and low-current 2-mA version for application versatility. These devices eliminate the need for custom molded housings and multiple insertions of individual LEDs. All offer vibration and shock resistance. Also, all measure less than 0.600 in., allowing usage of every rack space.

The tri-level H380C series features a height of 0.400 in. while the four-tier H485C series measures 0.445 in. high. The 90° H480C series features a 2- by 3-mm full surface emitter area and an overall height of 0.470 in. The H480C DIN standard series is comprised of four rectangular 2-mm LEDs. It is offered in solid state white and high efficiency red, green, yellow, and blue.

In 1000-unit quantities, the red tri- and quad-level H380C and H485C series and the rectangular H480C series are priced from $50.

Bivar Inc., 4 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618-2593; (949) 951-8808; fax (949) 951-3974;

Device Provides High-Output, Uniform Backlighting At Low Power
The UniLED backlight utilizes MicroLens LED-based molded backlighting technology to provide uniform, high-output backlighting at very low power. The device offers high-brightness backlighting for a variety of portable devices that employ smaller-size LEDs.

Using one high-output white LED, the device can supply backlighting for cellular phones, thermostats, and handheld test and measurement instruments. A cellular phone backlight utilizing a side-firing, board-mounted yellow-green UniLED and powered at 30 mA has an output of about 3.2 fL. MicroLens light extraction features are precision-molded into the device's panel to maximize brightness and minimize power and cost.

Available colors include green, blue, white, amber, orange, red, and yellow-green. In 250,000-unit quantities, UniLED backlights with yellow-green LEDs cost about $0.85 each. In similar quantities, backlights with high-output white, green, and blue LEDs cost $2.50.

Lumitex Inc., 8443 Dow Cir., Strongsville, OH 44136; (800) 969-5483; fax (440) 243-8402;

Reverse Surface-Mount LEDs Emit Light Through A Hole In The Pc Board
The LXR1206 reverse surface-mount LEDs emit light through a hole or opening in the pc board. This enables the LEDs to illuminate overlays or target areas behind or beneath the board itself. According to the company, these devices give designers greater flexibility in designing displays, status indicators, post lighting for keyboards, and backlights.

These LEDs utilize the latest die compositions, including AlInGaP, GaAl/As, and InGaN/SiC. Available colors include Super Intensity Red, Super Orange, Super Yellow, and Ultra Super Blue. Light output is as high as 250 mcd with a forward current of 20 mA. All models feature a 120° viewing angle.

The LXR1206 devices are housed in conventional 1206 packages. They are available on reels of punched paper tape compatible with industry-standard automatic insertion equipment. The recommended pc-board cut-out for light emission is 2.30 by 2.30 mm.

In 2000-unit quantities, typical pricing for the Super Red LXR1206 is $0.10 each.

Lumex Inc., 290 E. Hellen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067; (800) 278-5666; fax (847) 359-8904;

Stainless Steel LED Indicators Function Well In Harsh Environments
The Ultra Clean stainless steel LED indicators are suited for use in rugged environments. The devices exceed the BS5420 requirements and are designed to meet the demands of harsh environmental, ultraclean medical, and catering applications.

The devices are available in a range of mounting diameters, from 6.1-mm flush-mounting to 13.0-mm low profile. All can be fitted with a choice of red, yellow, green, blue, or white sunlight-visible LEDs. Operation from 5 to 60 V dc is enabled by internal circuitry. Reverse voltage protection diodes are fitted as standard on the lamps. The indicator housings are constructed of stainless steel 316 and include mounting hardware for easy assembly. The flush-mounting lamps offer reliable sealing due to a rear-mounting assembly that results in an invisible front and a viewing angle of 180°.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Marl International Limited, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7RY, England; +44 1229 582430; fax +44 1229 585155; Internet:

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