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Laser Structuring System Includes PCB Plotter

The ProtoLaser 100 laser structuring system combines a sophisticated laser with an advanced PCB plotter for producing RF and microwave boards on a variety of materials from FR4 to PTFE-based substrates, as well as for structuring, cutting, and drilling. It employs a unique laser beam technology that isolates the circuits from the copper layer and removes non-contacting copper between them. A board can be structured at speeds up to six square centimeters per minute, producing circuit paths as small as 50 µm. Plotter milling tools are changed automatically, so the system can operate unattended. Both the laser head and the plotter milling head use an optical fiducial recognition system to ensure correct alignment of the laser-structured area on the PCB with the mechanically milled area. The system is self-contained and requires no chemicals or external chilling systems. For price, call LPKF LASER & ELECTRONICS AG, Wilsonville, OR. (800) 345-5753.


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