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LCD Toolkit Offers A Quick Fix To Display Design

The LCD ToolKIT delivers a convenient solution for accelerating LCD flat-panel display design. Developed by Optrex America, it contains an LCD panel, a thin-film transistor controller board with an on-screen display, a backlighting inverter board with a power cable, a 12-V dc power supply, an ac line cord, a VGA cable, a video input cable, and a Quick Set-Up Guide and controller manual.

Supported interfaces include VGA, composite video, and S-video. Versions include the TK104V000 10.4-in. VGA LCD ToolKIT and the T150X00 15-in. XGA LCD ToolKIT.

Suggested sample pricing for the 10.4- and 15-in. ToolKITs is $630 each. Both are available from Optrex America distributors.

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Optrex America Inc.

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