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LED Backlights Trim Down

Employing patented MicroLens light extraction technology and improved manufacturing processes, the company's latest LED-based, high-brightness backlights offer components measuring as little as 0.4 mm in thickness. With light guides as thin as 0.4 mm or less, backlight assemblies measuring less than 1 mm high are now feasible. Reportedly, the MicroLens light extraction technology produces highly efficient edge-lit backlights with thinner packages capable of backlighting LCDs measuring 0.25" to 50" diagonal and higher. Light is extracted where necessary such as around thru-holes for keypads, a process that may also reduce the number of LEDs required. Pricing for keyboard backlights depends upon application, size, and volume. For more details, call GLOBAL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES INC., Brecksville, OH. (866) 922-4584.


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