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LED Connector Family Adds Board-to-Board Versions

LED Connector Family Adds Board-to-Board Versions

Groomed for applications such as LED lighting strips, the 9159 Series board-to-board connectors offer both card edge (one-piece) and plug-and-socket (two-piece) interconnect options. Sporting a small footprint, they suit applications where multiple printed circuit boards need to be plugged together. The double-ended card edge version provides a direct connection to both ends of a standard PCB with tin plated pads in two, three, four, and five positions. These 2-mm pitch connectors support 3A current and 250V ratings, measure 5-mm high, and come in both black and white options. The two-piece connector version is surface mounted on one side of the PCB, which allows the LEDs to be placed on the other side to maintain consistent spacing. These 3-mm pitch, 3-mm high connectors measure 5.5-mm wide when mated together. Available in two, three, four, five, and six position versions, connectors are also available in black and white options. AVX CORP. Myrtle Beach, SC. (843) 448-9411.
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