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LED Display With Reflector Touts Small Size

Touted as having the smallest through-hole display in the industry with a built-in reflector, a new 4-digit LED display has been designed with high-brightness characters. The LDQ-N221xRx, with a character height of 5.6 mm, gives users a choice of LED segment colors and intensities. This miniature device is useful for instruments, control panels, medical diagnostic displays, or any equipment requiring a compact, easily read display. It consists of four 7-segment characters, four decimal points, and a minus sign, allowing display of numbers ranging from –9999 to 9999 with four significant digits. Standard display colors are red, green, and yellow LEDs with diffused segments and a black or gray face. On this standard configuration, the axial intensity is about 2,500 µcd at If = 10 mA. Total package dimensions are 18.03 mm long x 8.38 mm wide, with a total height off the circuit board of 4.83 mm. Conventional through-hole leads are 5.1 mm long and are on 2.54 mm centers with common cathode pin-out. Power dissipation is rated at 105 mW per LED at an ambient temperature of +25°C. Operating temperature range is –40°C to +85°C. Pricing starts at $3.13 each/1,000. LUMEX INC., Palatine, IL. (800) 278-5666.

Company: LUMEX INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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