Electronic Design

LED Driver Boards Go Plug And Play

Poised for a wide range of industrial and medical LCDs, the SFDE (economical) and SFDM (mini) series LED driver boards from Endicott Research Group provide full function power supplies and measure less than 5 mm in height. Both promise brightness stability over a wide input voltage and can power up to six LED strings. Measuring 28.2 mm by 78.7 by 5 mm, the SFDE Series provides a plug-and-play solution. It supports an input voltage range from 10 V to 20 V and delivers external PWM dimming to 500:1. The SFDM is more compact, measuring 24.4 by 55.6 by 5 mm. The board operates over an input voltage range from 8 V to 20 V with external PWM dimming to 250:1. Pricing for the SFDE Series is $15.73 and the SFDM Series is $12.99. Both are in production quantities.

Endicott Research Group

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