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LED Modules Allow Designers To Create Novel Grids

With the Ultra-Flux Grid LED modules, designers can create virtually any size solid LED grid for use as signs, automotive tail or stop lights, stadium scoreboards, moving messages, and other large, outdoor displays where high brightness is required. Measuring 67.62 mm square, the 4-pin, single-LED modules can be plugged into any standard 0.200'' pin space with zero clearance between devices and can be fitted with a high-intensity super red or green orultra yellow or orange-blue LED. Designers can gang together as many modules of a single color or of different colors as are needed to create the grid. The modules cost $0.20 each in large quantities. For more details, call George Lee at AMERICAN BRIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CORP., Brea, CA. (888) 533-0800.


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