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LED Range Of Up To 800 Feet Possible With Panel Indicator

The LPI-C011701S series remotely lit LED panel indicators carry light from an LED source to a front panel, display, switch, or any location up to 800 feet away. The passive light guide lets design engineers place the LED light source according to the dictates of the circuit-board layout, with the light appearing in a location that best suits the product's ergonomic requirements. Such a configuration helps to simplify product assembly, reduce installed cost, and increase product reliability. The LED panel indicator consists of UL 94V-0 clear polycarbonate. One end includes a 7-mm round lens that mounts through any front panel measuring 1.8 to 4.8 mm in thickness. The lens is available in a wide range of colors. The other end fits over the LED and snaps into the pc board. In the middle, a flexible light transporter accommodates virtually any bend or curve. This allows the plane of the front panel to be at any angle or offset, relative to the plane of the circuit board containing the LED. While these panel indicators are custom-configured for each specific application, a unique manufacturing process eliminates any need for custom tooling. Pricing, which starts at $1.80 each per 1000 units, depends on color, length, lens options, and quantity ordered.

Lumex Inc.
www.lumex.com; (800) 278-5666

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