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LED Series Creates Bright, Full-Color Outdoor Signs

Utilizing a large heatsink, reflector-based lead frame that accommodates three individually addressable LED die, the red/green/blue (RGB) Super Fluk Mako LED series is said to create unlimited color possibilities in a modular display format -- the modular design enables the LEDs to fit together in a grid-type solid color display. The three LED chips share the same basic optics, reflector and lens, with the amount of current in each chip capable of being varied to achieve any color desired. Because it incorporates an integrated heatsink, the RGB Super Flux Mako LED series allows for high current capabilities: continuous forward current is 100 mA and average forward current is 30 mA at 2.4V to 4.6V. The LEDs are well-suited for use in moving message signs, traffic signs, stadium scoreboards, and other applications requiring full-color, high-intensity light. The series has a footprint of 0.30" square, wavelengths from 40 to 700 nm, and a wide, 60º viewing angle. Pricing is $1.50 each/production quantities. BIVAR INC., Irvine, CA. (800) 772-2377.

Company: BIVAR INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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