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LEDs Emit Backlighting And Light-Pipe Light

Features such as a narrow, 40° viewing angle are expected to help a new series of LEDs find wide use in backlighting and light-pipe applications. The Hxx1105W series of SMT, dome lens LEDs can be inserted not only onto a standard surface-mount footprint, but can also be installed in a reverse-angle configuration- i.e., mounted on one side of the pc board with the light shining in the opposite direction through a hole. Measuring only 3.2 mm long x 1.6 mm wide x 1.85 mm high, the dome lens LEDs come in red, orange, yellow, green, pure green, and blue versions, with typical luminous intensities of up to 52 mcd with a 20-mA drive current. And the LEDs are compatible with reflow soldering processes and are shipped on 8-mm-wide tape on 180-m reels.

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