Electronic Design
LEDs Sport Black Packaging

LEDs Sport Black Packaging

Joining the popular OSLON LED family, the OSLON Black Series LED features a metal lead frame, compact package, and a reliable lens design. A black molded package ensures a high level of stability. In addition to the thermal coefficient of expansion of the molding material precisely matching the coefficient of expansion of the boards, the component provides an ESD protective diode concealed in the molding. Due to the high output efficiency in the black package, there is no need for additional reflectors. Other features include a resistance of 6.5 K/W, a lens with a 90° beam angle, and a typical brightness of 115 lm at an operating current of 350 mA. Color temperature is 6500 K. Increasing the operating current to 1 A achieves a brightness of 250 lm. OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, San Jose, CA. (888) 446-7726.

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