Wireless Systems Design

Library Targets High-Frequency Designs

A new device library is available for use within the Ansoft Designer software. It is based on NEC Compound Semicon-ductor Devices' low-noise bipolar transistors. This high-performance electronic-design-automation (EDA) software allows engineers to design cutting-edge electronic products, such as cellular phones, Internet-access devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs), and printed-circuit boards (PCBs).

The device library contains electrical models of NEC's discrete-transistor products. It is targeted for use in general-purpose high-frequency designs. These devices form the key building blocks in the development of both microwave-frequency circuits and the subsystems found in many of today's commercial applications. The library will improve the accuracy of such designs by supplying vendor-authorized device models, which are based on SPICE, directly to the engineer. They will be made available as ready-to-use components.

The NEC library is now available from www.csd-nec.com. It can be easily downloaded and configured for use within Ansoft Designer. This site also gives Ansoft Designer users the ability to search for components by name, performance data, or other specifications. NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices, Ltd. will maintain model support and upgrades, while Ansoft will address all customer-support issues for the Ansoft Designer software. Further information on this announcement can be retrieved from www.ansoft.com/products/hf/ansoft.designer.

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