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Life Cycle System Specializes In Fatigue Testing

The Model 933A Life Cycle Test System is a generic test platform for cycling keypads, keyboards, membranes, switches or any other product requiring fatigue testing. The system counts over four-billion success/failure strokes and measures contact bounce time and closure resistance. It consists of a control box, air cylinder with test stand, and Windows-based software. The control box adjusts the velocity force and acceleration of the cylinder. The air cylinder with rubber tip simulates finger activation and can be supplied in various throw lengths and diameters and even environmentally sealed. The Windows software lets the user create test parameters for the unit under test, such as resistance, bounce time, number of cycles, allowed fails, cycles/second, and so forth. For stand-alone operation, the configuration can be transferred to the control box. For more information, contact Tim Allen, TRICOR SYSTEMS INC., Elgin, IL. (847) 742-5542.

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