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Light Pipes Channel LED-Generated Light

Designed to channel all of an LED's generated light to the exact location where it is required, the new OptiLED Lightpipes eliminate the need to affix a LED to the front panel or to use a through-hole pc-board LED indicator. Positioned on top of the company's SurfLED SMT LED, the OptiLEDs snap in or press fit onto pc-boards after soldering. OptiLEDs are said to be an ideal way to incorporate LEDs into applications such as network and telecom operation indicators, portable device back lighting, and handheld instrument illumination.
Made of UL90V-0 compliant polycarbonate that maximizes light transmission, the lightpipes provide bright illumination and a 180° viewing angle. They are flat-faced and come in square, rectangular round and flush-mount configurations.
Prices range from $0.45 to $3.50 each/<100.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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