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Light-Pipes Fit Universal LED Apps

Five new lines of clear polycarbonate, press-fit light pipes have been developed for carrying light from LEDs to any point or display location on a pc board. They will fit virtually any optical application. The Flexible Light Pipe series for status-indication is intended to offer designers unlimited design versatility in creating new products. The pipes' flexible tubing can carry the full output of an LED up to 48" away. Standard lengths range from 3" to 36", with custom lengths ranging up to 100 feet. The Vertical Light Pipe (VLP) and Panel Mount (PLP) Series transmit the output from a surface-mount or through-hole LED, eliminating the need to permanently affix the LED to the front panel display area. The PLP Series is a one-piece panel mount light pipe suited for use in portable computing, telecomm, and computer peripheral products. And the Surface Mount (SLP) Series features 90° round, flat, rectangular, SMT, or variable centerline light pipes. The series features a wide, 180° viewing angle, high contrast ratio and is compatible with industry-standard surface-mount LED packages. In addition, the LP5-1000 Light Pipes mount in a straight line on 0.4" centers and feature a water clear lens appearance and a wide viewing angle. The rounded design is intended for post reflow insertion into pc boards.

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