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Lightpipes From Elma Come In Array Of Colors

The company's lightpipes, now available in a wide range of colors, transfer light from LEDs to the front panel with a translucent, yet intense coloration of the lightpipe. The components come in protruding or flush-mount versions, each of which has a chamfered light-coupling area, which allows other LEDs to emit light perpendicular to the circuit board. In terms of protection, ESD resistance reaches 10 kV at a length of 4.5 mm and increases by approximately 1 kV per additional millimeter of length. Additionally, the lightpipes come in 1-10 wide options. Pricing is $0.20 each in production quantity depending on configuration. Lead-time is four weeks ARO. ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.


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