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Lightweight LCD Fits Handheld Products

Weighing only 0.3 oz., these graphic LCD modules measure 0.079" thick and include a dc/dc LCD-contrast charge-pump circuit, software contrast control, software scrolling functions, and on-board memory. A typical 64 x 100 graphics array has a viewing area of 48 mm x 32 mm (1.89" x 1.25") and overall dimensions of 52 mm x 37 mm (2.05" x 1.46").
By minimizing the dead space around the active viewing area, the company claims to be able to offer the largest active viewing area-to-overall display size ratios available. The modules operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C. Prices for a 64 x 100 display start at under $20 each/1000.


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