Electronic Design

LIN Development Kit Eases Low-End Network Development

Typically, a local interconnect network (LIN) is found in automotive applications, but it also suits control networks. Microchip Technology's new PICDEM LIN Development Kit makes experiments with LIN networks a bit simpler.

LIN master and slave modules compose the development kit. The slave modules have small-footprint PIC-16C432 and PIC16C433 microcontrollers with built-in LIN transceivers. Moreover, the demo board accepts 18-, 28-, and 40-pin DIP devices. Prototype areas allow the addition of custom hardware. Remote keyless entry (RKE) support is included too.

The master module incorporates an MCP2510 CAN-Bus interface. PIC-18F258 and PIC18F458 flash microcontrollers with CAN 2.0B interfaces can also be used as LIN bus masters. The master provides a bridge between the CAN and LIN bus.

PC-based development software and a serial cable come with the kit. The microcontrollers are flash-based, enabling in-circuit programming.


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