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Linear Actuator Eliminates Shaft-To-Lead Couplers

The 28000 series size 11, double-stack external hybrid linear actuator integrates the rotating acme stainless steel lead screw into the motor's rotor, eliminating the shaft-to-lead screw couplers. The actuators replace four components: a motor, coupler, lead screw, and nut. They are available in a variety of resolutions ranging from 0.003175 mm to 0.0508 mm per step with thrust levels up to 133N. A standard external linear has 4" of visible lead screw, however lead screw length, termination, and external nut design are customizable to fit specific applications. As the motor steps, the lead screw rotates but does not advance, enabling linear travel in confined spaces. The lead screw ends can be machined to allow the use of out-board bearing support for long lead screws. HAYDON SWITCH & INSTRUMENT INC., Waterbury, CT. (800) 243-2715.


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