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Linear Amplifier Targets 3V Cellular Handsets

The RF2162 high-power, high-efficiency linear amplifier IC is designed for use as the final RF amp in dual-mode 3V CDMA/AMPS handheld digital cellular equipment, 3V JCDMA, 3V TDMA/AMPS, spread spectrum systems and other applications in the 800- to 960-MHz band. Manufactured with an advanced GaAs HBT process, the chip requires a single 3V supply and features an on-board power down mode. The self-contained linear amp also boasts of a 50 ohm input and an output that can be easily matched to obtain optimum power efficiency and linearity based on the IC's 29 dBm linear output power, 29 dB linear gain, and 35% linear efficiency. The amp comes packaged in an ultra-small leadless, plastic MLF-16 costing $3.97 each/10,000.

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