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Linear Current-To-Voltage Sensor Designed for PC Board Mounting

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The EX9PC200 current-to-voltage sensor measures ac currents up to 20A, 47 to 400 Hz. Typical applications include: current measurement and control; power demand measurement; current signature of motors; load, ground fault and process parameter sensing; lamp or heater status; power failure and device loss alarms. EX9PC200 is a toroidally wound precision coil. In operation, the current-carrying conductor passes through a 0.31" sensor coil center or "window" without making direct electrical contact. A linear voltage proportional to the conductor current is induced in the sensor coil. The sensor coil voltage output can be optimized at various current ranges up to 20A by changing a customer supplied burden resistor value. Typical maximum voltage outputs are 1V at 20A with a 100 ohm burden resistance and 1.8V at 5A with a 700 ohm burden resistance. The EX9PC200 is optimized over a 0 to 20A range. Designed for low-voltage, indoor use, he sensor is protected by varnish-impregnated glass tape. The devices mount on pc boards using four pins, two of which provide voltage output connection.

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