Electronic Design

Linux Brings Dual-Processor SBC On Board

The dual-processor SVME/DMV-182 single-board computer (SBC) now runs TimeSys Linux. The SVME/DMV-182 is based on dual 1.2-GHz PowerPC 7457 processors with Altivec enhancements. Incorporated is up to 1 Gbyte of double-data-rate SDRAM memory with error-correction coding, along with 128 Mbytes of flash EPROM. It has two PMC sites, one Gigabit Ethernet port, and one Fast Ethernet port. Also supported are dual Mil-Std-1553B, SCSI, six serial ports, discrete I/O, and two USB ports.

The TimeSys Linux board support package for the SVME/DMV-182 is free. It works with the TimeSys TimeStorm integrated development environment, which costs $2995. The optional TimeSys Reservation system adds processor and network resource management.



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